Competent Labor

We provide competent labor at a reasonable cost including all accounting and worker's compensation.

Competent Labor

Reliable Skilled and Semi-skilled labor in various fields and positions enable you to work at optimum efficiency.
Throughout The Years....
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Through the years, the use of temporary personnel has evolved into a vital part of the personnel spectrum. Today, more and more types of businesses are realizing the benefits of minimizing their fixed costs by using temporary help. Affiliated Temporary Help has been providing temporary and full time employment services since 1987. Locally owned and operated, we can offer you a personalized service unmatched by other temporary employment agencies. In America today, 90% of all companies use temporary help on a regular basis. Whether you have a large order to fill, a deadline to meet or vacationing staff to replace, Affiliated Temporary Help will keep your business and production running smoothly and efficiently. We're committed to providing you with qualified personnel for your temporary or long term needs. We strive to match the right candidate to the right job. Regardless of your industry or your needs, Affiliated Temporary Help has qualified personnel available to help you reach your goals as efficiently as possible.


Affiliated Temporary Help personally dispatches employees daily, following a briefing of their job assignments. Call us and let Affiliated help you in reducing your overall cost.


Saves you money, as you are only billed for the hours worked. You may hire any of our employees, after they have worked 45 working days, at no cost to you.

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